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Double Tap to Wake comes to Lumia 520 with Lumia Black

Sorry if this was posted before. A friend just updated to the Lumia Black on his 520 (Yes, its being pushed right now) and he has got the awesome Double Tap to wake feature. It is working as it should and the device responds in time.

dtp 520

So the conclusion is that Double Tap is coming to all of the low range Lumia phones as well and is not limited to 625 and 720 as some were predicting. Let’s wait for more 🙂

Narender Singh
Student of Business, but tech still remains the topmost interest. Nokia fan for life and has been using Nokia phones since my first phone. Starting with a Nokia 1200, present is a Symbian and future will surely bring a Lumia :) Also played with droids, but still ♥ Nokia. Blog at and here at NPU. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • john jones

    Hi Narender Not very often with two but THREE quick ones seems to work!!

  • john jones

    Thank you Narender. Works sometimes!!

    • Actually that’s strange. If you have a Nokia Care center nearby, I’d advice you to get your device checked. For me, its just two very soft touches. Like touch it the softest that you can and it will still wake up.

  • john jones

    Same problem. Selected in settings but no luck. Is it two gentle or hard taps?

    • Its pretty gentle for me. Unlike the Asha 5xx series, the tap is sensed via the screen itself. So it should be gentle only.
      If it is not working, try a little bit harder towards the middle of the screen.

      • manish mamnani

        in my nokia lumia 520 phne there is not show the wake up option in touch function ……… to i resolve it <???????????

  • Atul

    i updated my lumia 520 and got the tap-to-wake feature but it isn’t working. no matter how many times i tap, it doesn’t respond and i have to use the power key to wake it.

  • G.N.Suresh

    Double tap is there,just updated my 520

  • Kamal

    Nopes, it was not posted before.