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Don’t hold your breath again, but Lumia 929 accessory listing may hint about 6th-7th Dec release date.

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Thanks Craig for sending this in! There may be some evidence after all to suggest a near future release for Lumia 929 on Verizon. How early this can happen? If, release date of accessories from “Skinomi” has to be taken into account then Lumia 929 may be heading for an announcement / release on or around 6th December. These skin and screen protectors look tailor-made for Lumia 929 and are already on pre-order.

There is one more thing which favors this release date. AT&T has opened Lumia 1520’s pre-order on 7th November and a release on 6th-7th December for Lumia 929 gives AT&T one month exclusivity on next-gen Lumia device, which looks logical.

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Skinomi link

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  • Rodger Dodger

    I really feel like no one should guess about the release date of the Lumia 929 until the ANNOUNCEMENT by Verizon. Those seeking to purchase this device get their hopes up only to be let down by rumors with no solid backing from Verizon. I appreciate Kamal staying on top of the possible happenings with this device, but all leads have been weak. The photos and videos are solid evidence that it exists, but as far as when Verizon will sell it is totally up in the air.

  • Alvester

    1520 has also a release date of December 6th and its already out.

    • Kamal

      But, Lumia 929 is not out yet 🙂

  • Awrii

    I hope Lumia 929 releases in India too. I recently shifted from Nokia to Nexus. Too be honest the phones are just not the same. Nokia is flawless in terms of quality, and durability. Windows is pretty good but lacking in Applications. Hope next year same time Windows will also have same number of applications.