Quick heads up!! The Qt software which has enabled so many cool applications and fluid interfaces of Symbian and Meego devices like 808 PureView, N9 has been offloaded by Nokia and Digia will be acquiring the Qt software technologies and Qt business from Nokia. This was supposed to happen, once Nokia has planned to put all the eggs in Windows Phone basket and recently killed “Meltemi”. Not a decision which can be supported easily by Nokia fans. But there is some positives of this decision as well. Digia plans to extend Qt to other platforms, so Qt may start getting the expansion it deserves after all.

Following the acquisition Digia becomes responsible for all the Qt activities formerly carried out by Nokia. These include product development, as well as the commercial and open source licensing and service business. Following the acquisition, Digia plans to quickly enable Qt on Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms.

One of Digia’s key objectives with this acquisition is to improve its position within the Qt ecosystem by further strengthening Qt’s R&D capabilities and expanding its reach on many more platforms than ever before. Since Digia acquired the Qt Commercial licensing business from Nokia in March 2011, the operation has continued to be successful and has grown substantially. Digia forecasts the acquisition’s impact on its 2012 revenues to be positive. In the following years, Digia forecasts the Qt business to grow. As part of the transaction, a maximum of 125 Qt people from Nokia will transfer to Digia, mostly based in Oslo, Norway and Berlin, Germany. This business transaction will significantly strengthen Digia’s product business and supports Digia’s strategic objective to grow internationally.