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Did Nokia Mobile just hint at Zeiss multi-lens “Zoom camera” tech?


We have already seen images of the Penta-Lens camera module on the back of Nokia 9 protos. Now, we earlier posted about an official teaser video and a Zeiss patent that hint at HMD going for the multi-lens Zoom camera tech from Zeiss.

Nokia Mobile twitter account has re-posted the same video that features this multi-lens Zoom camera demo after a long gap. This video posted by Nokia Mobile and Zeiss when the new partnership between HMD and Zeiss was announced last year. This video interestingly features a rotating camera with lenses with varying focal lengths.

Zeiss has patented a “Miniature zoom camera” with multiple lenses arranged in a circular manner. These multiple lenses can rotate and come in focal path of a fixed primary lens and detector. This by design will help in changing the focal length and providing with a large zoom range. The patent does mention that this is meant especially for Mobile Phones.

So, what do you think? Is Nokia Mobile now teasing Nokia 9 totting the Penta-Lens camera?

Nokia 9 details:

We have been reporting via our sources that Nokia 9 (2018) will bring a Penta-Lens camera setup and may also feature in-display fingerprint sensor. We have earlier talked about this Penta-Lens camera module in detail while joining all the dots, as Zeiss has patented a “Miniature zoom camera” with multiple lenses arranged in a circular manner. Recently HMD CPO Juho visited Zeiss lab and sought to tease about his visit on Twitter.

Nokia 9 may come with 5.9-inch, QHD resolution 3D glass OLED display and will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor, You can read probable Nokia 9 specs at our dedicated page.

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