Many of “renowned” tech bloggers with really weak hands have complained a lot about Lumia 920 being too heavy for them. Poor souls ;). Now check this “Super Girl” from Jupiter (Pun intended) talking to her grandparent with holding the “too heavy” Lumia 920 in her one hand. Jokes apart, she is really very cute 🙂 and the Red Lumia 920 looks totally in sync with her !!

Mackenzie demanded to call Grampa Richard and Grandma Lois separately, telling them about when presents would be opened for their packages of straggler-gifts.  She had this whole teenie-bopper twirl-the-hair-and-walk-around-while-on-the-phone thing going on that I unfortunately only caught the end of — the video is only the end of what was actually about a 10-minute phone conversation that MV did from start to finish.


Thanks @easycapexpertti for the Tip. Cheers!!