Lab HelperGreat app deal here!! The must have app for all you science aficionados, Lab Helper has gone free at Windows Phone store. Go and grab it by clicking the link at the bottom. The app is certainly one of the best apps available for Windows Phone devices.

Lab Helper details:

The perfect aid for any lab scientist or student.

Work out molarity calculations and stock dilutions with ease, and pin the latest result to your home screen tile for a quick glance and go reminder.

Don’t have the bottle to hand? No problem just search for the compound you’re looking for and the formula weight will be entered automatically.

New in Version 2

–Oligo calculator for finding the complement and reverse complement of DNA sequences as well as other useful information.
Once calculated you can email the result to yourself or colleagues.

–Added information about amino acids so you can quickly look up codons, structural properties and other important details.

Install link

Thanks Amit for the tip. Cheers!!