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Damian Dinning confirms all the photos on Lumia 920’s product page are real.

GSMArena has posted a shockingly biased article saying that even, “Nokia Lumia 920 sample images found to be fake as well”. This all has been written on the basis of views provides by some blogger. This may harm Nokia’s reputation, but more than that It has already harmed GSMArena’s reputation in our eyes!!

We asked Damian Dinning and Nokia to clear the air about it and Damian has obliged saying that the official photos posted by Nokia on Lumia 920’s product page are all real.

This provides insight into how amazing this new PureView tech works in low-light conditions. We have this “Nokia Photo challenge” video as a great proof as well.

Many renowned Tech journalists were there during this photo challenge and consider it as a definitive proof  for Lumia 920’s awesomeness.

So, Kudos to Nokia for the innovations like PureView Tech and innovative products like Lumia 920 🙂

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  • knowfirst

    even though gsmarena article has some good points aboutnokia, if anyone reads it they will get a view that 920 cam sucks and nokia is vheater, so first look at blog reviews and than talk, gsmarena os ibitch, and we cant do anything about it, apple leaked video of iphone sucks i mean apple iphone 5 design but they havent event wrote it, u can see whose side they are on… u know one thing nokia 808 shocked the world but this 920 man, world shitted their pants, no cam can take those type of pics in that darkness even 808, so the world is stunned and trying to point out flaws(they are just advertising faults) because no samrtphone can do like nokia 920 i cansay nokia 920 will be best smartphone of the year for two years.

    • knowfirst

      typo, ”they are just pointing out the flaws” because they are baffeled by nokia 920

      • The title of article itself is misleading and biased !!

  • JackWeed

    Clearly Nokia faked some photos as Sharma´s link proves.

    • That’s total bull****. These photos were from the same video which was used for simulation and Nokia nowhere claimed that it was from Lumia 920. On top of that they apologised for not putiing the disclaimer. Huh!!

      Bigger mistake is with GSMArena obviously. I have never seen them jumping on some news which can hurt Android and Samsung. Also for a reputed website like them should exercise due dilligence before publishing such utter crap.

  • Sharma …dont blame on…they are the most neutral site, they do best reviews…you better check this link….

    • Sharma, if you see our old articles we have always appreciated GSMArena for providing excellent reviews. But this time they have jumped guns.