cyber monday

It is Monday, and Microsoft has announced its Cyber Monday deals where you can buy a whole lot of electronic products at a discounted price.  Deals which include Surface devices, Windows PCs, Phones, Wearables, Xbox One, and more.

Speaking of phones, there are some awesome savings to take care of.

Start of with the HP Elite X3 Bundle, buying one will save you around $462 and it is an unlocked version.

What is in the bundle?

  • Unlocked HP Elite x3
  • HP Elite Desk Dock
  • HP Elite Lap Dock
  • HP Elite Case
  • HP Elite Screen Protector

Next up is the Lumia 950XL which is selling for $499 plus you get a FREE Lumia 950 and a Display Dock.(unlocked version)

And the last one, the Lumia 650, which is selling for as low as $99, unlocked!

If you are interested, you can get one by following the links below.