Cyan Lumia 520 seems to have sold out on pre-order at Flipkart. It went on pre-order with all other Four colors but check now and it is gone. Though all other colors are still available to pre-order and the Black model is still the 2nd bestseller phone at Flipkart. It is really impressive show by most affordable Lumia WP8 smartphone, when it is still on pre-order only.

Cyan Lumia 620 link

Bestseller link


Also coming to another major online retailer Saholic, Lumia 620 has climbed to the top of Best Sellers list. Another good news is that at Saholic, now Lumia 520 is available to order in all Five colors. Also as informed earlier, Saholic has the best Lumia 520 deal of free 16 GB MicroSd card with purchase of Lumia 520.


Saholic bestseller

Saholic Lumia 520