Lumia 530 scLumia 530 is landing on US shores as soon as tomorrow at Cricket Wireless and on 15th at T-Mobile. It will be available at Cricket for just $49. At T-Mobile it will be available for $79.20.

You can catch our full video coverage of Lumia 530 by clicking here. Read about our Lumia 530 camera impressions here. You can also read about how Lumia 530 gives neck and neck fight to Lumia 630 in speed test. For full Lumia 530 coverage, click here.


Un-carrier customers have another reason to celebrate. The Lumia 530 will be available at T-Mobile starting October 15 for just $79.20.

T-Mobile prepaid customers can fall in love with the Lumia 530 the same way they did with its predecessor, the Lumia 521 – one of the best-selling Windows Phones EVER at T-Mobile.


Starting October 3, the Nokia Lumia 530, preloaded with Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana, will be available for $49.99* in stores and online.  It’s a great time to switch to Cricket with the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 530 and limited time promotion for increased high speed data.

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