WP8.1 folderLook what we found! While Windows Phone 8.1 brings so many welcome changes in terms of start screen customizations, the only way you can get folders there is by using “App Folder“. The process of creating and pinning folders to start screen with App Folder however is not very intuitive. So, some great news here, as Windows Phone 8.1 will soon get ability to natively create folder by simply dragging and dropping one live tile over another. Below is the full description of how the new folder feature will work,

WP8.1 create folderThis simply looks as native as it should have been from very beginning. Anyways, better late than never!! Windows Phone 8.1 update official roll out will begin soon (July 1st week) and need to see whether the latest version brings this feature with itself. If not with the Windows Phone 8.1 update release, it may come with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update, which per our sources was destined for July, but may come in August now.