This is totally crazy rumor, but nevertheless we got tipped about this, so here it goes. As confirmed by Alan@Adduplex, RM-860 aka Lumia 928 has got the same resolution as of Lumia 920, which is 1280 x 768, which also makes sense given 1080p support is supposedly coming with GDR3 update.

Now reports that @evleaks has claimed that Lumia 928 will be the first windows phone to sport 1080p resolution display. Though we have not seen any such tweet from @evleaks claiming anything like this and has not posted any source link supporting this as well. But such kind of rumor is certainly crazy and interesting at the same time. Is 1080p resolution support really so close and is any Lumia really going to support it in near future. We pur out bet on the rumored Phablet?


Thanks Xio-feng for the Tip!!