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Cortana to get a lot smarter. Can tell Dog breed & will be Researcher’s dream assistant


cortana_Cortana is not only your smart Windows Phone personal assistant, it has recently earned a reputation of being the most accurate Football world cup soothsayer with a record to envy and  match. And, very soon it will evolve to grow much smarter!! It will not only become academics and researcher’s best pal and dream assistant, it will also get ability to recognize content in the images. So, while it can keep you abreast with latest happenings in world of research, it can tell you your dog breed too.

From the article on Cortana as researcher’s dream assistant,

He discussed how the Cortana Notebook, which empowers users to specify how much information they want Cortana to track for them, will gain an “academic” theme. When activated, it will use Bing to discover and alert users about academic events such as conference agendas and paper due dates, tailored to a user’s interests.

Shum also announced a breakthrough in speech-recognition technology, achieved through use of Bing, that enables Cortana to recognize more than a billion words in multiple languages that often are mixed in a single utterance. Users can speak uncommon words in a query, instead of typing on a tiny keyboard.

Project Adam brings high-level of machine intelligence to Cortana, which goes beyond identifying Dog breed.

The live demo of the dog breed detector integrated Project Adam’s technology into Cortana. Apacible pointed a phone at the Dalmatian – named Cowboy – and asked it, “Cortana, what dog breed is this?” It was spot on, displaying the word “Dalmatian” on the phone’s screen. Then he turned the phone to Millie the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Cortana asked him to take a picture of it. It also nailed her breed. The audience applause conveyed appreciation for the success.

The potential of this research goes far beyond satisfying curiosity about man’s best friend. With more data, you could take a picture of a meal and get its nutritional information. Or, snap a photo of an unusual skin condition and get an accurate diagnosis. Or if you’re out in the woods and need to know which plants are poisonous and which are edible, this is the technology that could help you do that.

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