Cortana discoverCortana has now added “Local Apps” & “Best Nearby” under “Discover” interests. Only Yesterday, It had added Local Events under interests. You can go to interests, tap on ‘+’ (add)—->Discover to add these to Cortana’s Notebook. Once added, you can see them under “Discover” in interests on Cortana’s Notebook. Best nearby gives you recommendations for nearby places of interest based on Foursquare popularity. Local apps, will enable Cortana to notify you of apps available for nearby events and attractions.

cortana chinaCortana is coming to China on 30th July, if an invitation sent to Chinese retailer Zol by Microsoft is some indication. The invitation has Cortana logo present on it and with the words “China, here I come”. So, may be China and UK ( Dev preview devices ) are supposed to get it within one week.