So, just trying to put all the demo videos prepared by us together, which sends myths created by many biased Tech magazines for a toss. Browser, Display, Social networking, Single core performance which are presented as deal breakers for 808 PureView are not even major issues. I am using my 808 PureView as a daily driver for last one month and so and never even found it letting me down in any of the areas mentioned above.


Just to display how well the CBD AMOLED display of 808 PureView behaves under even bright sunlight. Though 808 PureView doesn’t boast of high-resolution screen like many of competitor smartphones but the Nokia’s CBD tech  makes the display a winner under any brightness conditions.



So how good is 808 PureView being the best Symbian phone ever and running the latest version of Nokia Belle FP1. Trust us, it is the best ever. Even with 21 apps open and running in background it wouldn’t sneeze. Switching the apps and scrolling through them is breeze. Even closing the apps is the fastest ever on any Symbian device. With 21 apps open, free RAM remains about 255 MB, hence opening any new apps is near instant.

Check the video below for the demo,


Social Networking:

Facinate for Facebook, Tweetian for Twitter and FlickrUp for Flickr. These three applications have few things in common.

  • They all are based on Qt and due to that all of them are very neat and fluid .
  • They all are available for free at Nokia Store.
  • Fully feature packed and can easily match/outdo social networking applications on any other OS platform.

So here comes the video demo,


Browser impressions:

  • Native browser impresses with the speed it renders the desktop version of both the sites. Opera Mobile will look slightly better in rendering speeds.
  • What I like about the native browser is the fact that the pages open with text in a readable size, while with other browsers you have to zoom-in.
  • Now you can press and hold on the opened pages and will be welcomed with a context sensitive menu with many options.

Check the demo videos,



You can also visit our YouTube page, if having issues with videos not responding in your browser 🙂