One more image (above) of Meizu Supreme has been leaked by the same Twitter account that has leaked the below image. The devices shown in the two images sport a home-screen button big enough to feature a fingerprint scanner. Though it is still not clear what is Nokia’s rumored contribution to this device.

Meizu Supreme

We have reported rumors about an upcoming Meizu smartphone, Meizu Supreme claimed to be featuring Nokia’s hardware / software expertise. The last rumor bit was from a Weibo account that is considered to be trustworthy by many. The same Weibo account has now leaked an image of the smartphone that looks big enough to have a 5-inch display and may feature a fingerprint scanner. What it will feature in terms of innovation or tech or design from Nokia, is still not clear.

Official slides and webcast from Nokia capital world has made it clear that Nokia can’t even license its brand on smartphones before Q4, 2016. Read more here. Nokia had also revealed that it plans to bring Android powered Nokia-branded smartphones too in future, but can’t do it before Q4 2016. Read more here. So, if we think from Nokia’s perspective, it may be a good deal all the way as they can earn good money without even licensing their name which is not possible as of now.

This is bit contrary to the new business model adopted by Nokia where it is licensing “Nokia” brand along with hardware and software design for Nokia N1 and its range of upcoming Nokia-branded tablets. 


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