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China’s Ministry of Commerce holds seminar to hear the Nokia-Microsoft case.

MS NokiaA new report from China reveals that anti-trust arm of China’s Ministry of Commerce held a seminar to hear the Nokia-Microsoft case on 3rd of March. Local handset makers have yet again urged to set limitations on Nokia’s licensing rate and FRAND use to avoid royalties wherever possible. These manufacturers also have asked Ministry to contain Microsoft from charging high Android licensing fees.

21st century business Herald reporter was informed that on March 3, the Chinese anti-trust authorities for Microsoft to buy Nokia’s review of the case, held a seminar, participants included local Chinese mobile phone companies in the industry, as well as relevant experts and professional associations.

Participants in China’s mobile phone industry voiced many demands which core includes, first, the Nokia license rates and conditions of FRAND, bans use of additional restrictions to avoid unreasonable use of patents and patent the assignee and, secondly, additional restrictions against Microsoft, calling Microsoft for Android licensing fees and ban on the use of patents has qualified.

We have earlier reported about local vendors raising their concern over the deal. Recently even Google and Samsung piggybacked on the local manufacturers in registering their concerns over the high licensing-fee concerns post the deal-closure.

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  • J Osborne

    WTO, US and EU are all looking very closely at the Chinese regulatory approval process for hidden protectionist agenda and free trade restrictions.

    The Chinese OEMs have declared they wish to enter the US and EU markets in smartphones; if China is not more circumspect in how it behaves towards msft-nokia, I expect to see retaliatory sanctions and trade limitations placed on equivalent Chinese enterprises abroad.

    My point is that there are consequences for protectionism however it is justified; and if China abuses its regulatory discretion it may very well spark a trade war. This is a very high profile deal, both Msft and Nokia have the ears of their respective governments.

    This same constraint also applies to the S. Koreans, who depend even more on free trade for its high tech exports; Samsung would be the obvious target for any trade retaliation.

    • JLIT99

      The US and EU aren’t going to create a trade war over Nokia. Exert pressure, maybe. But there’s too much for them to loose in terms of the lucrative Chinese market.

      Their interests in China are much greater than one small company

  • Looks like we are headed into extended phase, another 60 days after March. MWC approval rumors were garbage

  • AJ

    Perhaps Lenovo shouldn’t be able to buy Motorla if the Chinese are to overreach by using the Nokia Microsoft deal as a bargaining chip to control enforcement of patents.

  • TS

    How is MSFT android licensing policy part of the M-N deal ?

    • Kamal

      They are trying to extract maximum possible benefit out of the situation 🙂