New NokiaNokia Chairman, Risto Siilasama has once again confirmed that Nokia is planning to return to consumer market. In an interview with Finnish media house “Talouselama”, he said that Nokia may have sold off D&S division, but can return to consumer market, as it still enjoys very high brand recall in many markets.

Even though Nokia sold cell phones, the company is Siilasmaan according to the conditions remain, return to the consumer market.

– The Nokia brand is still highly valued in many countries around the world, and the brand is the most difficult to create asset growth was fuelled by increasing.

Siilasmaan believes that the brand is the consumer market with regard to the return of a necessary but not a sufficient condition. The return can be tricky, because Nokia has lost the old procurement, distribution and sales channels from the Microsoft store.

He also hinted that Nokia might be eying the Health-care industry,

– Health technology is one of the areas in which happens very big upheaval, Siilasmaa says.

The patient will need from now on to visit the doctor more frequently, or visits are shorter. For example, the medicine doses can be monitored and corrected digitally.

In the future, patients can be monitored at the same time, the accuracy of the home than it is now in the hospital, Siilasmaa envisioned.

On prodding about what kind of health-care products, Nokia may be targeting to bring to consumers, Risto didn’t provide a direct answer,

– We develop the technology, which is based on the current competencies. It is easy to assess what kind of products we most likely could become.

– We are working on many research prototypes and technologies ‘ intellectual property rights, of others. Also reserve an opportunity to watch, there will be some work nothing so interesting, that would give its self on the market.

It is being speculated that Risto has been talking about Nokia’s return to consumer products time and again, to keep investors in loop ( or less surprised ), when Nokia actually makes the announcement. Nokia’s return to consumer products mayn’t be very much liked by investors!!

We have already reported about Nokia’s plans of launching a stealth product during 2014 holidays in US market. The job opening talks about “a unique consumer experience around the motivations and needs of an active outdoor lifestyle community globally”. Nokia has also confirmed that it is hiring for “New consumer Product Businesses”.


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