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The Economist reports about Nokia’s future plans in a recent article. They have also quoted various Nokia executives including Risto Siilasmaa, the chairman and acting CEO and NSN CEO Rajeev Suri. The last paragraph obviously caught our attention. It mentions,

Mr Siilasmaa enthuses about the possibilities for the new Nokia in a world packed with connected devices—even though it will not be making any of them. He hints that the company might even return, one day, to making consumer goods. That may seem an odd thing to say right now, but for a firm that has gone from pulp to power to cables to televisions to handsets to telecoms equipment, maps and patent-licensing, anything seems possible.

We have earlier heard it from Here’s Executive vice-president Michael Halbherr,

“We have sold our device business for a reason, but that doesn’t keep us out of the device business,” Halbherr said. Just don’t expect to see Nokia making phones again – or at least any time soon.

“We are not prohibited from making any communication device. We will concept and think about new forms of devices,” he said.

“It would be wrong now to think about this from a phone perspective. With the cloud and the internet-of-things, we’re seeing a convergence of form factors where you do a few things well in a totally seamless way.

“We will still surprise people with leading-edge hardware.”

Now since it is coming from Nokia Chairman himself, it really boosts hopes of Nokia fans, who can’t see Nokia let go of its consumer face.

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