We at NPU don’t make tall claims about being “omniscient”, but when we report something exclusively via our sources, you gotta trust us. After Lumia 1330 specifications and features confirmation via GFXBench, here is confirmation of our exclusive story about Lumia 435.

Brazilian certification has now emerged of RM-1068, the Dual-Sim variant of Lumia 435 and not only it confirms the name but also tells that perhaps in Brazil ( and may be elsewhere) it will be marketed as “Nokia Lumia 435“. That will be a departure from “Microsoft Lumia” branding already live with Lumia 535.lUMIA 435The device may get launched soon as the request confidentiality dates for exterior photos and manual is 30th January.


With its variants already passing certification in Indonesia and at FCC in USA, the 4-inch Lumia device which may have hardware touch-buttons and comes with a 800 x 480 resolution display (confirmed), looks destined for a sooner release. The FCC report also reveals size specs of the device and it seems to have 118.1 x 64.7 mm size, which compares to Lumia 530 size specs of 119.7 x 62.3 mm.

We caught it getting tested in India too and it seems that it may get priced lower than $79.

With Microsoft holding an event on 21st January to talk about Windows 10 consumer side and Windows Mobile 10, we can expect more than mere OS announcement.


Thanks Carla for the tip. Cheers!!