The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppfree app of the day is  CC PLayer Pro. CCPlayer does not need encoding for playing videos, and supported style subtitles. 1.5 million people worldwide are using the video player. SMI, SRT, ASS, SSA format subtitle formats are supported, and support all styles are available in Windows.

Game Details:

Name: CC PLayer Pro
Developer: L:me

Standard Price: $1.99
Promotion Price: $0.00

Start date: 8th June
End date: 9th June

CCPlayer Pro Features:

  • Subtitle List and add subtitles
  • Subtitles speed control (except with internal MKV subtitles)
  • Styles of subtitle
  • Change encoding subtitles during playback
  • Adjusting the brightness
  • Adjusting the volume, balance
  • Multiple audio support
  • Video speed adjustment
  • Play List (list of continuous playback)
  • Playing history (previous play position memory)
  • All video and folder navigation
  • Volume booster (Only UWP)
  • Audio Sync (Only UWP)
  • Private mode (Only UWP)
  • Playback repeat (Only UWP)
  • Media information viewer (Only UWP)
  • Horizontal mirror (Only UWP)
  • Enhanced multi playlist (Only UWP)


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