A very famous ride sharing platform Car2Go have released an update to their Windows Phone app in the Windows store. The app update has brought some good changes to the app. Cortana integration is also one of the very useful feature user can expect. With Cortana integration, it is lot easier to get car using Cortana.

What is Car2Go ,

Hop in and drive! car2go provides its members on-demand access to more than 13,500 vehicles in 30 cities worldwide, including New York, Vancouver, Berlin and Rome. car2go is a one-way car sharing service, allowing members to pick up a vehicle at one location in the city and drop it off at their destination. No need to make a reservation, return the vehicle to where you picked it up or worry about late fees. Fuel/Charging, insurance and parking are included. By using our app, you can find and access the nearest available car2go, providing you with a cutting-edge mobility solution at your fingertips. With the official app you can:

  • View all vehicles available for use in your city and worldwide
  • Important vehicle information, including approximate street address of the car2go and fuel gauge/charge state for each car2go
  • Reserve a vehicle up to 30 minutes in advance of your trip
  • Automatic route guidance to the nearest car2go
  • Unlock a car2go using your smartphone
  • View all car2go designated parking spaces and “Home Areas” for each city
  • View your rental history, including departure/destination address and cost of each trip
  • Radar functionality that sends a push notification when an available car2go is close by

What’s new in this version?

  • Never miss a reservation again! The car2go tile will turn into a live tile on an ongoing reservation or a rental on a “Smartphone Only” car2go.
  • You can check the validity time of a reservation, the actual number plate of the reserved car2go and the address. -You can now ask Cortana for a car, try asking “car2go, is there a car2go in the surroundings?”. You can also ask Cortana for your last trips “car2go, Show me my last trips” or the cost of your last trip by asking “car2go, How much was my last trip?”.
  • car2go on your Lock Screen! You can now set up car2go as the detailed status provider of your lock screen, so that you can easily check the reservation validity time, the actual number plate of your reserved car2go and the address. On top of that, if you are driving a “Smartphone Only” car2go, you will be able to view the starting time of your rental. How do you set it up? Just go to All Settings on your phone, then Lock Screen and finally set the car2go app to display the detailed status.
  • The name of the payment profile were your trip was charged is shown in your last trip detail view. -UX / UI improvements
  • Crashes, bugs and other issues fixed


You can get the update from the link given below.

Download Here