20554515040022 Do your remember Lumia 2020?? In case it didn’t ring any bells this was one Nokia Tablet that was hotly awaited and like many of the scoops we were first to report about it as RX-115 and reveal some of the specs. It was supposed to come with 8.3 inch, 1080p resolution IPS LCD display and nano Sim card. It was also rumored to have stylus support. Lumia 2020 was the second planned WinRT Tablet after Lumia 2520 and was subsequently cancelled.

Now, two images of the device have been posted online and they reveal more about this cancelled Nokia Tablet. Noteworthy are PureView camera with flash, Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB RAM. Pen support is also revealed.

53020415040024WinRT has been abolished and declared dead by Microsoft. But many Lumia fans still would like to own a Lumia Tablet running Windows 10 and packing some impressive specs.


Thanks Fifo & Xo-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!