Lumia 1520VLumia 1520 Viisi aka Lumia 1520V has been leaked multiple times in last week with. What goes in the favor this device’s existence is the fact that leaks coming form various source point to the same device. Anyways, if some of our Finnish friend’s input are to be accounted for, then one of the claimed specs need to be updated. While the leaks claimed screen-size of 4.45 inch, Viisi in Finnish means “5”.

So, does that Viisi in Lumia 1520 Viisi stand for five-inch screen of the device? If so, then the probable specs look like this now,

WXGA (1280*768) resolution

Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor

Runs Windows Phone 8.1

Screen size of 5 inches

2370mah battery

Will come with 3 mid-size tiles

2GB of RAM,

32 Gig storage without expandable memory,

14 MP camera

Thanks to everyone, who enlightened us 🙂