ef818a67-4912-4be3-a5c6-d85bc4788d62Camera360 Pro app got updated in Windows Phone Store with the new name Camera360 Sight . Camera360 Sight  added many new feature which adds  faster startup, lesser battery consumption and much more. Its provides  creative yet easy way to adjust focus, exposure, micro-focusing and more .

Camera 360 Sight Features:

With excellent performance, sight is the fastest and most powerful camera app.
. Incredible launch speed, from screen unlock to photo captured in less than 3.8 seconds
. Highest resolution output, with or without filters
* Devices using Pureview get 5 megapixel high-quality photos, and Sight can use these pictures for browsing and editing. (Including Nokia professional shooting)

Features and UX
.Faster startup and focus than pre-loaded camera
.Maximum resolution output is 1600 megapixel
.Magic photo browsing
.Unparalleled user experience but less battery consuming

Unparalleled focus system
. Auto focus
. Manual focus
. Manual focus allows unprecedented freedom
. Supports manual exposure adjustment
. Manual exposure adjustment

Gesture Activated Assistive Tool Bar
. Composition Line
. Auxiliary View for External Lens
. Shutter Priority
. White Balance

Live Lens
. 9 Customized Real-Time Filters
. Creativity brought to you LIVE

Best Selfie Maker
. Timer of 3s, 5s, 10s and mirror direction are available when using front camera taking selfies

3 ratios
. Slide upwards to review in 4:3, 16:9, 1:1 and slide leftwards or rightwards to switch
. Supports shutter mute

Album beyond imagination
. Album Tile can be pinned to ‘Start’
. Pinch in and pinch out available
. Quick photo browsing by sliding
. Slide upwards and downwards at the edge of photo can rotate
. Auto-adjust, Auto-enhance, filters, parameters and more for Professional photo editing can be all discovered here

Editing and creating
. Smart Composition Tools
. 6 Level Optimization
. 62 exquisite filters
. Up to 12 adjustment tools

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