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Bytes: Xbox Video coming to WP8 in time for Holidays. ” My Talking Tom” hits WP store.


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Good news coming from house of Microsoft! Xbox video which has been surprisingly missing from Windows Phone 8 is confirmed coming in time for holidays. Its absence from WP8 made no sense, unless MS can explain something. Now, it will be a breeze to buy or rent movies on our WP smartphones and lets hope the experience is kept smooth enough by MS.

Read the official blurb,

For video, you can now rent and buy the latest blockbuster movies and TV shows using your local currency on Xbox Video. Xbox Video is available now on your Xbox 360, or Windows 8.1 and RT PCs and tablets. It will also be available on the web at XboxVideo.com and your Xbox One starting November 22, and on Windows Phone 8 as early as this holiday. And, the video content you’ve purchased through Zune Marketplace will be available to you on all of these Xbox Video stores.


Another news byte is about the “My Talking Tom” from out fit 7 hitting Windows Phone store. It has been one of those games your iPhone owner friend could have shown you with much eagerness, 2-3 years back. Anyways, a real go with kids!!

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