UntitledWhen Nokia first released “#2InstaWithLove” app to Windows Phone store as a medium to make Instagram hear Windows Phone users’ voice, we opined that it may be just more than that. May be it is a greatly innovative idea to create a home-grown Instagram like application. Seems far-fetched!! Yes, it may be but Nokia has taken one more step into reinforcing out thoughts. They have added one more filter called “HandCam” to the application “. So, now you can use two filters and share your photos with #2InstaWithLove, to social networks of you choice.

The app allows you to take a photo using the classic polaroid filter and automatically adds the hashtag #2InstaWithLove. And just for fun, we’ve added a new filter in the latest app update… and who knows, maybe we’ll keep adding more! It’s all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is – so be

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GSMArena has reviewed both Lumia 720 and 520 and terms Lumia 720 as “on target” and Lumia 520 as “Best buys“.gsmarena_004

About Lumia 720 they conclude,

The Nokia Lumia 720 may be some of the best work we’ve seen from the Finns recently – not a pricy best-of-the-best flagship, but an affordable, well-built phone that packs more than enough features to get users interested. It has its nagging flaws, but as an overall package it’s hard to beat.


About Lumia 520 their conclusion is,

The Lumia 520 isn’t without faults but at this price point they’re easy to live with. When talking entry-level smartphones, it’s all about cutting the right corners and ticking the right boxes and the latest Nokia smartphone comes across as a superbly balanced phone. If you’re after a package that covers the basics and then some, delivers on budget but looks classy and is a smartphone, with an app store and all, very few seem to fit the description better than the Nokia Lumia 520.

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