Two Windows 10 Mobile Build 14361 related tidbits here!! First one new and useful features discovered by one of our readers though we are not sure whether it landed with Build 14361 or had existed before. Now, when you add a contact to speed dial, go for searching contacts or when you try to dial someone you will be shown contact suggestions based on your recent call history.

You can notice the suggestions appearing in above two screenshots. A small but very neat and useful addition to Windows 10 Mobile Phone app.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14361 Official changelog

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14361 unreported changes demo & hands-on impressions

Now, one issue that is giving headache to many Insiders. The Store app is crashing and not launching for some of the users, as per the reports we have received. While during our hands-on time we didn’t face any such issue on our devices, many users on Build 14361 have not been really happy with the way store has performed. Perhaps rebooting fixes it temporarily only to see it coming back after some time.

Thanks to Suresh for the “Suggestions” tip and many others for tips about Store issues.