Time to move forward with our Build 10149 coverage!! As many of you have asked, we are sharing our first impressions of the build with you, but we must spent some more time before posting detailed impressions or review of the build.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 first impressions:

  • The build is the fastest, quickest, most stable and most polished Windows 10 Mobile build till date.
  • We faced no issue with installation of the build on all four devices (Lumia 540, 640 XL, 1020 and 525) that we are now running the Build 10149 on. Though you must read this first.
  • It brings new UI navigation and apps opening animations. The animations do make the build feel faster than before, though it is indeed faster than build 10136.
  • During our brief hands-on with Build 10149 on all the devices we haven’t faced any heating issue (in response to a question asked) and battery discharge has been normal.
  • We do recommend installing this build on your main devices, as most of the basic stuff works fine viz: mail, account, backup, messaging, calling.

Cortana changes:

  • Cortana has many UI changes to show especially in the hamburger menu.
  • All settings have moved to Notebook along with Quite hours, About me and revamped interests.
  • Lock Screen Cortana settings and read incoming message aloud option is now available under Cortana settings.
  • The individual interests on Notebook have also undergone UI changes.
  • New interests like Transportation can be seen on Notebook.

10149 cortanaCortana 10149.2cortana 10149.3Microsoft Edge:

  • First changes you will notice is the re-branding to Microsoft Edge and brand-new icon.
  • Website preference option of Mobile / Desktop is now available
  • Address bar has moved to the bottom and tabs are also present to the left of address bar. Good job Microsoft.
  • Clear browsing data has more options to choose from

10149 Edge.1 Edge 10149.2Catch all our Build 10149 coverage by clicking here and all our Windows 10 Mobile coverage at our dedicated page.