Build 10052 vs 10070A screenshot has been reportedly leaked of a future Windows 10 for Phones build, claimed to be the Build 10070 (Latest preview build is Build 10052). The screenshot reveals new arrangement of Live Tiles that puts them much closer to each other than ever. Compare the screenshots above. On the left is screenshot from Build 10052, while the leaked screenshot is on the right.

Some mayn’t like this comparison but we have seen such juxtaposed tiles on Nokia X and Nokia X2 series of devices with some difference between arrangement between two row of tiles.

Nokia X2Anyways, we haven’t seen such arrangement of live tiles on the most advanced build leaked yet, that has Windows 10 for Phones OS version 10.0.12544.63.

Tell us in comments whether you like Tiles getting closer on your start screen or it is not a good move.