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Both Lumia 950 / XL coming to AT&T, while T-Mobile may carry only Lumia 950

Lumia 940 xlQuite interesting tidbits about Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL‘s possible destinations in US of A via our sources. Recent info that we got from our sources tells us that AT&T may carry both the devices and may start selling them in November (1st-2nd week).

Even T-Mobile has signed to carry at least one of them and we hear it is Lumia 940 that will be carried by T-Mobile, but it may or may not be as soon as AT&T. We haven’t heard anything about Verizon and Sprint’s plans yet but will keep asking about them from our sources.

After the first press images leak of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, a new render of Lumia 950 has also leaked in White. We have earlier seen a real-life image of Lumia 940 XL (Cityman) getting leaked in China. You can read all about Lumia 940 specifications by clicking here and all Lumia 940 XL specifications by clicking here. Coming to pricing and release dates you may like to read this. The devices may get revealed on October 19 and may be available to order soon after launch.

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  • LarryB

    I would have to ask how “hard” ATT is leaning on them to restrict it this way. Either that or T-mobil and Verizon do not want to carry it because they have to service what they sell… and they prefer the junk that they are currently selling!

  • Peter

    msft better release it on all carriers. I’m sick of buying att phones for t-mobile

    • Wilvin

      Lol. I completely agree. When you’re trying to build market share, makes no since to significantly limit who, how, when people can buy your product. As long as 950 comes on T-mobile, I am good to go. I was planning on keeping my HTC One M8 for Windows (Verizon phone on T-mobile network) for another year, but the MS press conference today (Oct 6th) has me hyped for 950 and Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Joe

    When will Microsoft finally learn? As the far distant 3rd they still annoying us with carrier exclusive crap, so sad…

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Cant wait myself for either one.

  • mebby

    Ready for the XL version on AT&T. Hope that this remains true – that AT&T will carry the XL version. My 1520 is showing some wear (user induced). I love a larger phone but a 5.7″ phone would do better for me than the 6″ 1520.