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Bluetooth file and contact transfer also coming with new start screen (WP7.8) for Lumia devices.


It was long time back, if you remember we reported from one of our readers that Nokia is bringing Bluetooth file transfer to Lumia WP7 devices.


It has been quite long since then but we didn’t hear anything about it and on top of that we came to know current crop of Lumias will not be updated to WP8 much to the chagrin of many. One of the most common complaint of Symbian and other OS users about WP7 is its lack of connectivity options like Bluetooth, which is very useful for many (Including me). And the proposed WP7.8 update from Microsoft for current WP7 devices brings only new Start screen from WP8 as an updated feature leaving Lumia users dry and wanting.

But, now Nokia seems to make the wrong, right for current Lumia owners. They have announced that not only Start screen from WP8, but other features like Bluetooth file and contact transfer will also make their way to Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900.

We will also bring Cinemagraph and updates to Smart Group Shot to the existing Lumia devices with some additional surprises to make photo shooting and sharing as easy as possible. Additional new features for all Lumia devices will include:

  • A new Start screen look and feel, familiar from Windows Phone 8, giving you a whole new look the moment you unlock your phone
  • Ringtone maker app to selected markets to create a personal ringtone
  • Contact share app updated to support sharing over Bluetooth in addition to SMS and email
  • Bluetooth file transfer to send media files via Bluetooth from your Lumia device to any other phone

Also, many new and exclusive apps continue to be launched in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Coming up, there is Zynga’s smash hit games Draw Something and Words with Friends, new apps from Bloomberg, WhatsApp, Groupon and a whole lot more.

So, Lumia owners rejoice :). You seem to be in safe hands !!


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