Microsoft has quietly added Recovery image of BLU Win JR LTE X 130 E to the Windows Device Recovery Tool. This may mean possible roll-out of official Windows 10 Mobile update to the device, as has been confirmed by BLU to some customers. Amid high drama of Microsoft back-tracking on its “marketed promise” of BLU Win JR LTE being upgradable to Windows 10 Mobile, it later was communicated to some users that BLU Win JR LTE X 130 E will receive upgrade as it has 1 GB RAM. So, may be it is the time!!

You can read the full massive Windows 10 Mobile changelog over Windows Phone 8.1 by clicking here. Learn how to upgrade to windows 10 Mobile officially by clicking here.

Not only this, a new firmware update is also available for the device only via WDRT tool. The firmware update takes the version from 00130.03720.20001.15009 to 00130.03720.20001.15023.

Win JR LTE update

Thanks Skynet for the tip. Cheers!!