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Does the above image ring any bells!! It does in fact. It was the Sea-Ray prototype of Lumia 800 for your kind information. And can you see why we were tipped with this image today. Because it had on-screen touch buttons unlike the production Lumia 800 which was launched with capacitive hardware touch buttons.

Today’s leak reveals that Windows Phone 8.1 may bring on-screen touch button back to future Lumia / other Windows Phone devices. Rumors have that one of the major reasons behind this change is Microsoft’s plans of having dual-booting Android and Windows Phone hardware from manufacturers. It will bring hardware compatibility to both operating systems on the same device. Anyways, personally speaking I would be happier with reduced bezel size and ease of usage and familiarity it brings to me as a person using Symbian Belle on 808 PureView.

Thanks Xio-Feng for refreshing our memories!!

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