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Lumia 925 in Black which is exclusive to AT&T is now available to pre-order at AT&T. On-contract price is $99, while on Next plans it can be purchased for $21 per month. With arrival of Lumia 925, AT&T has dropped Lumia 920’s price to $49 on-contract. May be many will find slim and lightweight Lumia 925 as the high-end Lumia they always wanted. With Lumia 1020 priced at $299, Lumia 925 has less competition from it price wise, rather may find good competition from Lumia 920.

We just hope now as Lumia 925 has traveled from T-Mobile to AT&T, Lumia 1020 also makes similar move to Verizon, because in spite of whatever AT&T claims., stats show Verizon as the biggest Lumia selling carrier in US.

Lumia 925 pre-order link

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