Bestbuy has sought to assuage the fears of the buyers, who ordered the AT&T Lumia 920 online, before the pre-order links were withdrawn. In reply to a message posted by a customer, the same Bestbuy executive (who has earlier confirmed that AT&T  Lumia 920 can still be pre-ordered in Bestbuy stores for the amazing price of $149.99), has now confirmed that Bestbuy expects to fulfill pre-orders placed online on the launch day in the order they have been received.

They also mention that only a small number of customers could actually place order for Lumia 920, before the pre-orders became unavailable, but they are well aware and will fulfil the order as quickly as possible.

So, those who are going to be first ones in USA to get their hands on a Lumia 920 . Rejoice !!