Nokia XNokia X, the first Nokia with Android has been launched for a best buy price of Rs 8599 in India. So, we did bit of search and could find the best deal yet for Nokia X. It is available on a discount of Rs 400 at Indiatimes shopping. You can buy Black, White , Green and Red models at this discounted price currently.

Indiatimes link

Here are best priced deals for other Nokia Lumia devices in India currently. Click on the links below to check all the deals. You can also visit our Deals page for daily updated deals.

Lumia 720- BigC- Rs.15,540 (Lowest price)

Lumia 925- Flipkart- Rs.27,003 (Lowest price) and Check our Lumia 925 review here

Lumia 520- Amazon- Rs 7689 (Lowest Price)

Lumia 1520- Flipkart- Rs 39349 (Lowest Price) and Check our Lumia 1520 review here

Lumia 1320- Flipkart- Rs 21000 (Lowest price) and Check our Lumia 1320 review here

Lumia 525- eBay- Rs 9676 (Lowest Price)

Lumia 620- Amazon- Rs 11990 (Lowest Price)

Lumia 920- eBay- Rs 25,699 (Lowest Price) and Check our Lumia 920 review here

Lumia 1020- Flipkart – 36999 (Lowest Price) and Check our Lumia 1020 review here

Lumia 625- Flipkart – 14161 (Lowest price)