Belle Shell

This is very interesting paid application ( INR 50 ) for S60V5 devices like C6, 5800 etc


  • Give Belle like user interface with six home screens and belle like intuitive navigation.
  • As shown in the above screenshots you can add widgets, app shortcuts to homescreens
  • Pull down notification bar with flashlight, wifi, bluetooth, silent profile.
  • Easy Belle like apps menu navigation, where you can access all the apps at once.
  • In a nutshell it gives you glimpse of what Belle can look like on these S60V5 devices


  • Being an application ,It is a memory hog and takes about 30 MB of RAM memory. So you can hardly open any major apps after this. Will give memory full error messages.
  • Adding widgets is limited to calendar, clock, contact and profile
  • Lacks fluidity and smoothness.

Download link

Overall since it is a paid application hence recommended only if you want to have feel of Belle on our phone. It might not be very useful as it leaves phone with very less free RAM.

Okay, now coming to Tips part, it might sound like a no-brainer, but would like to share with you anyways. What I have done is, instead of depending upon any apps like N-desk, I have moved all apps from application folder to main Menu folder. Now on my C6 only with one click on the middle menu button I can see all my applications.

My C6's Menu

Benefits are,

  • No memory hoggingby any 3rd party apps like N-desk, hence more free RAM.
  • Only one tap needed to access all the apps, while default is first going to menu and then to application folder.
  • One time activity but later makes our life easy.