Beats Music is the newly launched music streaming service from “Beats Electronics” and it earlier announced plans to launch an app for three major platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone simultaneously. So, while iOS and Android apps were out on time, Windows Phone app didn’t make it to the store. Checking on their official webpage reveals a date of 24th for the app to hit windows phone store.

Beats music 2

The Beats Music page has iPhones pasted all over, but if you scroll down enough, you can get a glimpse into the UI of Beats Music app on a Lumia 1020. It looks nice, but somehow less metro-like, but then we have seen just one screen.

Beats MusicWhile Beat Music is offering a 7-day trial period, it’s $9.99/month for unlimited streaming. They have a good-looking offer for AT&T customers.

From their blog post,

If you like it, it’s $9.99/month for unlimited streaming, downloading from the catalog of more than 20 million songs but more importantly all the incredible curation delivered to your phone every day. AT&T customers, we have something very special for you: try Beats Music free for 90 days with your AT&T Family Plan then get Beats Music for your entire family — up to five people and ten devices — for $14.99/month. $50 in value for $14.99. More music in your family equals more joy. Claim your username now.