pocThe app that has gone free as myAppFree app of the day is Battery.Net Pro. This is  a fresh take on monitoring battery in windows phones. It gathers battery data and provides meaningful insights into the trends of battery charge.

Battery.Net Pro Features:

Awesome Features:

1. Compare Days:
– Graphically compare battery performance of past 7 days.
– Use this feature to compare your battery performance before and after an OS update or firmware update or just see if your phone use changed

2. Trace Battery:
– See how much battery you lose when playing games or watching videos or just over night while you sleep. Also compare the charging performance of difference chargers you may have. Just start the trace and then come back after a while to stop it. See how much battery charge was lost or gained in that trace session.
– Compare different trace sessions.

3. Awesome tiles

4. Lock screen icon

5. Notifications
1. Battery full
2. Discharging Quickly
3. Low battery.
4. Low and Discharging.
5. Most important setting of all, Quiet hours.

6. Shortcuts
1. WiFi
2. Cellular Data
3. Bluetooth
4. Battery saver
5. Location Services

7. Flashlight.
No need to buy any other flashlight app separately.

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