Tero Sarkkinen, founder of Rightware has reached to us. Seems, the issues faced with Basemark app was due to server issues at their end. Now, all seems fine!! So, go ahead and give it a try on your devices. Below is the comment from Tero,

Hi and thanks for the article! I’m founder of Rightware. We indeed had some issues with our servers at launch due to huge incoming traffic. The servers are now upgraded and back online again!


Basemark benchmarkingI don’t know how you feel about benchmarking tests. To me, it is much overrated, as the scores shown on benchmarks usually fall flat in terms of real life experience. For example, all benchmark conquering iPhone 5S lags behind Lumia 1520 in real-life browsing experience and even high-scoring Androids are less smooth in real-life operations as compared to even Lumia 520.

Anyways, benchmark comparison may be fun for many and Rightware has just provided ammunition to those hands. It has brought its “Basemark OS II” app to Windows Phone 8 after iOS and Android. So, yo can run various tests and compare your device’s score with others. Though seems the current release is bit buggy with many complaining of not being able to pull up comparisons and app crashing.

Read the official blurb and click on the link below to install it on your devices. You can also go to Rightware’s official site to understand more about the tests.

Basemark OS II is a cross-platform “all-in-one” benchmark that evaluates the overall performance of any Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphones and tablets for easy comparison. The benchmark covers a comprehensive suite of tests and produces an objective overall score as well as breakdown of each tested area, including system, memory, graphics, web browsing and camera.

Basemark install link