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The requirements are simple you must be over 16, in the UK, and have a Barclays Banking account.  If you meet all those requirements then you will want to continue reading.  Your account will stay secure through a 5 digit security code.  Barclays also offers a lot of benefits through using their app.

  • Manage your Barclays personal and business and Barclaycard personal accounts, on the go
  • See all your recent transactions and check your latest balances
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make payments to people you have paid before and people in your payee list
  • Find your nearest Barclays branch or cash machine
  • Manage your Barclays personal and business accounts together using 1 application and 1 secure log in

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Few things are more convenient than banking on the go, so if you meet the requirements to actually use this app I would recommend clicking HERE.

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