While we have covered all Android Oreo features in detail and even posted our hands-on of Android Oreo on Nokia 8, 6 and 5 we haven’t covered the changes that Oreo brings in Backup and Reset options. In fact, there are lots of changes and improvements in Backup and Reset options when one compares Nougat to Oreo side-by-side. We have tried to demo the same in our hands on side by side comparison video between Nougat and Oreo.

Backup and Reset options exist separately in Oreo and offer much granular control over what data to backup, auto-restore and also shows detailed description of what has been backed up. There are new options to reset only “Network settings and the overall App data”. There are more change however that you would like to see in the video below.

Android Oreo is a big update over Android Nougat that brings lots of new features, changes and improvements including Night light, Ambient Display, PIP mode, Icon Shape and much more. Those updating from Nougat can take a deep dive of Android Oreo and check our updated complete list of Android Oreo changes and features for Nokia Android smartphones by clicking here.