The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFreebapp of the day Baby Phone,Game for kids.

This is a fun learning game for young children.Turn your phone into an exciting Toy for kids.Make kids learn numbers through this button tap game.Your toddler can enjoy calling animals from phone book and hear back their sounds. It is an effective way to make them learn natural animal sounds with pics.

Baby Phone,Game for kids Details:

– Toddlers can have fun by calling various Animals (Wild,Farm & Pet).Kids can click any animal to make a call ,Animal attractive picture will be shown and “Two Tones” will be heard after that animal voice will be heard so babies will feel like they are calling/talking to animals.That way your infant learns to recongnize different animals with picture and sounds

– Number tap game also included that will help your young boy or young girl to learn the numbers.Kids need to tap the right button that is wobbling to score.Game comes with joyful click sounds to provide highly entertaining experience.

– Simple interface and very easy to use : especially designed for young children, easily playable by any kid of kindergarten age.


– Call an animal : Tap the call button to see animal chart consisting of animal soundboard having various animals sound.Tap on any animal to call.App comes with all popular animals that are Cat,Dog,Panda, Camel,Cow,Sheep,Birds,Duck,Lion,Rhino,Horse,Elephant etc

– Mini game for learning number : Numbers ( tilting left and right ) will make your child attract towards them so it can be clicked.Button will keep animating till it gets clicked by child.

– This is perfect game for every young toddler it will make your child learn about the numbers and animals.Make this app more attractive to them by first playing the game in front of them showing the main screen, play the number game and then call animals.That way it will develop great interest in them to try this app again and again.After that no parent assist should be required.As app comes with simple interface especially designed for kids.

– This app is perfect for nanny and baby sitter simply open the app and give the phone to infant.App will provide endless joy and fun learning experience to your young toddler through out the baby sitting period without requiring any parent assist.

– Broaden up your child vision by making them learn about the new animals and ability to distinguish between their sounds.

– Encourage your child to play the Number tap game and touch the tilting numbers so your child’s number recognition skill can be increased further more train them to take name of those numbers as well so they get well prepared before going to school.

– All animal sounds in the game are Hand Picked : Clear and Distinguished so toddlers can learn sounds of different animals without confusing them.

– Give the phone to your kids when you are out on walk, waiting somewhere or having a busy day.So your child gets busy and have fun while learning while you take on other important matters.

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