Great news for Lumia device owners!! The augmented reality application “Nokia City Lens” has come out of Beta and is now available at Windows Marketplace. You can go ahead and download this application on your Lumia devices from here.

If you want to see this application in action catch the video demo below,


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Just landed in town and looking for a good restaurant? Interested in checking out the local museum or theater? Time to hit the nearest transit station to catch a ride uptown?  No longer is finding your chosen destination a hassle—whether you’re in a new city or your hometown.  Now you can simply launch Nokia City Lens on your phone to easily find all the places you want to go. City Lens instantly reveals what you’re looking for on your phone’s camera display—no matter if it’s down the street or just around the corner.  You simply tap your chosen destination on your screen to conveniently access walking directions, make a reservation, or learn more detailed information about the locale.

Nokia City Lens instantly connects you to all of the places you’re looking for—and even more importantly—gets you there exactly when and how you want to. By using City Lens, you can:

Locate your destination, your way.

See what’s nearby the way that works best for you—whether through a camera view, list view, or maps view—including landmarks, restaurants, hotels, shops and more.

Get the details.

Gather the information about a chosen spot—all at a glance. Simply tap to call for more info, read a review, or view detailed descriptions to learn everything you need to know before you go.

Share your location.

With just one tap on your phone, you can share your destination with friends via social networks, SMS, or email. Quickly spread the word of where you’ll be and how to quickly get there.

Save your searches.

City Lens saves your recent searches so you can look up one of your last favorite spots in just seconds. It’s a great way to jog your memory and save time—all in an instant.