ATTAT&T has surprisingly discontinued 32 GB variant of Lumia 1520 ( online ). We couldn’t find the it listed on AT&T website and even you try from old link, it just gives a random message of “not available in your area”. We tried to speak to online reps and they don’t have a clue, but confirm that it’s not available on AT&T.

We have tried to reach to AT&T and will let you know if they respond. Anyways, this brings us to the question, what’s next? We heard from evleaks that Lumia 1525 was coming to T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon with upgraded Snapdragon 801 processor. May be AT&T is planning to replace the Lumia 1520 32 GB with Lumia 1525.

Thanks John for the tip. Cheers!!