As expected, Lumia 920 comes exclusive to AT&T along with the Lumia 820. No pricing has been announced and “coming in November” is only thing known about availability. Great news is theĀ confirmation of Cyan model which is certainly looking fab as seen in the above image. Other available colors for Lumia 920 are yellow, red, white and black.

Lumia 820 will not be exclusive to AT&TĀ and is available in Black with interchangeable wireless charging shells available in colors such as yellow, red, and cyan, black and white.

Though, many will be disappointed with the exclusivity of Lumia 920 to AT&T, but it was expected. Afterall, they were the only ones who threw their weight behind Lumia 900 in WP7.5 days. But, our sources tell us that this exclusivity mayn’t be permanent and Lumia 920 in some form is heading to Verizon as well :).

Keep you fingers crossed, if you want to grab Lumia 920 on some other carrier other than AT&T.