We reported earlier that both Asha touch phones 305 and 311 are selling really well and even has gone out of stock at Nokia shop and other online stores.



Now reports are coming about retail stores confirming that Asha 305 and 311 in fact are getting very good traction.

Sathish Babu, who owns famous handset retailer Univercell with about 500 outlets said in an interview,” The 305 and 311 are seeing “fantastic traction” among customers”. He further added, “The new Nokia phones are doing very well, “The more stock that comes in the more my sales go up and it’s even cannibalizing into other brands. With the touch screen, the balance is tilting toward Nokia now.” Babu also added that today’s younger shoppers demand slimmer phones with vibrant colors and full touch screens.

This sounds like music to us Nokia fans and obviously Nokia. CEO Elop has also confirmed this in his e-mail saying,

Nokia CEO Elop, commenting in an e-mail, attributed rising sales to its devices’ “bold design” and new colors. Nokia’s basic-phone sales climbed 2 percent to 73.5 million units in the second quarter from a year earlier, even as the global market for such devices fell 15 percent to 211 million units, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

This obviously gives much-needed breathing space to Nokia and time to focus more on upcoming WP8 Lumia Smartphone launches.