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After press photos leak of all upcoming Asha devices, now the display panel has been leaked in China and posted online. According to the source the display panel is slightly smaller than iPhone 4S display panel (3.5 inch) and it may be 3.2 inch in size. That is consistent with the slightly larger size of RM-922 than Asha 501, which has a display size of 3 inch. As can be seen from diagram below, its size specs are 102.55 mm x 60.55 mm as compared to 99.2 x 58 of Asha 501.

Untitled1So, that now seems like a upgrade from Asha 501. 3G, 3.2 inch display, 5 MP camera with flash, dual-shot body makes Asha 503 really good starter smartphone. But, we could have been happier had this display size be 3.5 inch, but may be Nokia + MS bring a Lumia with that size in future.

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