So, we have a bit of confirmed info about a certain Lumia 822 in Verizon’s Device management System.

Now, Nokia has let us know sometime back that their strategy will be working on unique devices with all big operators in USA. AT&T gets its pie in form of exclusive Lumia 920, the flagship device.

Lumia 820 also comes to AT&T but not as exclusive. So, it obviously will make its way to T-mobile with the same name, as Verizon will be getting Lumia 822. It looks like T-mobile might haven’t negotiated for a variant of Lumia 820 like Verizon. As the Nokia naming system suggests the Lumia 822 should have certain extra goodies as compared to Lumia 820, and in case it packs something like HD display, it will be too hot for the competition :).

Now, Verizon has yet to get a high-end Lumia phone and if Lumia 822 is some indication, there may be a variant of 920 with certain differences arriving to Verizon sooner or later. If, you remember leaked devices from RDA then there is one Lumia 910, which was leaked multiple times and is a right candidate :). Now, if you have a look at the above device’s image, which was caught by some eagle-eyed readers from a “PureMotion display” demo video, then may be it is the Verizon headed device with slightly different design than Lumia 920 and PureMotion display and may be it is the Lumia 910. Or, may we are guessing too much ;).

There is one more possibility here. Lumia 920 may be exclusive to AT&T for a certain period and then Verizon gets it as Lumia 920 only. The following article pitches for this theory.

We have been hinted by a source about some high-end Lumia coming to Verizon soon, unfortunately nothing more is known. Lumia 920 or Lumia 910 or Lumia 922 or something else, it will certainly be a  welcome move by Nokia to bring high-end Lumia to  Verizon  from both prospective customers and sales figure point of view.